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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a widely recognized exam which assesses candidates’ proficiency in English. There are 2 different modules: General Training and Academic Training. The candidates are evaluated on Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking components. The whole test takes 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Exam Preparation

Our IELTS Preparation course focuses mainly on test-taking techniques with an additional emphasis on the nature of the questions. Plus, candidates are asked to take practice tests on a regular basis to find out more about their strengths and weaknesses as regards their performance. Our IELTS instructors are equipped with latest data and well-prepared to help the candidates deal successfully with the test questions.


Our objectives are as follows:

  • Our IELTS program mainly focuses on the skills required to succeed in the exam.
  • Candidates are taught practical strategies in order to maximize their scores in the exam.

How you will learn

We teach our candidates practical strategies to better handle the tricky questions in IELTS such as; skimming, scanning, paraphrasing, making inferences and more. We teach you how to approach the writing section of the test with awareness and less confusion so that your essay fulfils the main criteria. We teach you how to deal successfully with Listening section questions through tactics that focuses on the listening for gist and for detail. As for the speaking section (interview), you are taught confidence-building techniques as well as spontaneity-boosting skills in order to cope with unpredictable questions. And finally with sample papers, mock tests, continuous assessment of your skills, we will help you get acquainted with the format of the test so that you are able to deliver an outstanding performance in the exam in order to achieve your desired score.

Our Course Facts

We offer 3 different course options with reasonable price tags:

  • Group course 80 hours
  • Mini Group course 48 hours
  • one-to-one 1 hour

Note you are required to be at least at B1 level to enter our programmes.


With our weekly IELTS tests, progress reports, experienced IELTS teachers, score-focussed teaching system, we guarantee your success.

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